Generate Live Stream Credentials

Generate Live Stream Credentials

Live Streaming your Church service is easy on Shepherd's Stream. You can use any software that supports RTMPS such as OBS, FFmpeg, Wirecast and XSplit. Shepherd's Stream recommends using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) a free, powerful, and open source software. This series of help documents will be based on using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) together with Shepherd's Stream.

Once the Shepherd's Live Stream Membership has been authenticated and the user has logged in, the Live Stream Dashboard menu item is visible in the users menu in the top right.

The Live Stream Dashboard will first show a Generate Live Stream Credentials button.  Once this button is selected, the Live Stream Credentials will populate. 

Once the Live Stream Credentials have populated the user will need to enter these credentials into the Settings field in Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).


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