Membership Types On Shepherd's Stream

Membership Types

Shepherd's Stream has four types of memberships to choose from.

Flock: The Flock membership is a free lifetime membership designed for church members or those that are looking to join a church. This is the minimum membership needed to live stream church services. 

Church: The Church membership is a free lifetime membership. With the church membership, churches can claim and update their church profile with current and correct information for those seeking a new church in your area.

Shepherd's: The Shepherd's membership is a paid membership at $24.00 per month with the first month free. The Shepherd's Membership is a cost-effective solution that combines all the features of the Flock and Church Memberships plus unlimited MP3 & MP4 sermon hosting. 

Shepherd's Live Stream: The Shepherd's Live Stream membership is a paid membership at $49.00 per month with the first two weeks free. The Shepherd's Live Stream membership enjoys all the features of the Flock, Church and Shepherd's memberships plus adds live stream capabilities to the church profile.

Memberships on Shepherd's Stream

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