Sermon Manager On Shepherd's Stream

Sermon Manager

To access the Sermon Manager, select the Sermon Manager option in the Members Area. 

Sermon Manager Link from Members Area

To add a new sermon from the Sermon Manager, select the New Sermon button.
Create New Sermon Button

On the New Sermon Page there are two sections.
  1. Upload MP3 file, MP4 file and PDF file of Sermon

  2. Sermon Info


First choose the add files button to choose your sermon. Then choose the start upload button to upload your sermon. The Shepherd's Stream system will read the meta data of your file and automatically enter it into the sermon info section. This data can be edited if needed.

The available fields are;
  1. Name
  2. Speaker
  3. Speaker Email
  4. Series
  5. Show Church Name
  6. Date Recorded
  7. Copyright Acknowledgement
  8. Downloadable
  9. YouTube / Vimeo URL
  10. Topics
  11. Event Category
  12. Meta Description
  13. Keywords
  14. Bible References; Book-Chapter-Verse
  15. Description with Sermon Transcription.
New Sermon Page

Sermon Transcription-To transcribe a sermon, select the Transcribe Sermon button. This can take up to five minutes to complete but normally it's quicker. Once the sermon has been transcribed and saved a PDF of the transcribed sermon will be available for download on the main sermon page.
Sermon Transcription

To add multiple sermons at one time, use the Bulk Uploader.
Sermon Bulk Uploader

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